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Starting primarily as a ski club, Altair Ski & Sports Club, the first meeting of ALTAIR SKI & SPORTS CLUB was held on March 11, 1987 with twenty-three members.The name “ALTAIR” was submitted by an ALTAIR member, Val Stone. ALTAIR means “the first magnitude star, Alpha,” in the constellation Aquila the Eagle, and is the 12th brightest star visible from Earth. Bob Caldwell designed our logo, which is copyrighted.

Altair has since expanded to include year-round outdoor and indoor activities, including skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, bowling, volleyball, golf, and rafting. In addition to sports activities, Altair sponsors a wide variety of social events and out-of-town trips, including barbeques, card games, ballroom dance lessons, and theatre and dinner parties. We also actively contribute to community service projects, including fund-raisers for such groups as Food for Lane County and Relay for Life.
Some of the group’s most popular events are multi-day trips to regional and national attractions, such as Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Last year’s national park trip was to the North Cascades Wilderness in Washington.


Altair is an all-volunteer army of dedicated members working to have fun. All activities come from the ideas and efforts of our members. From event leaders to activity directors to the Altair board of directors, all are volunteers. 
Our annual dues and any revenue gained through activities or other sources go to pay for club expenses such as meetings, activities, insurance, accounting, etc.


1. Read the Monthly Newsletters available on this site. You can get a feel for the types of activities and club business. You can view some past newsletters as well as the current month.
2. Attend one of our Monthly General Meetings held on the second Wednesday of each month. Trips and activities are discussed in more depth than in the newsletter and you can talk directly with event leaders (trip captains), club officers and directors. There is also a “Guest & New Member Orientation” presented at 6:45 just prior to the 7:00 pm meeting, to answer any other questions you might have.
The General Meeting is free for members. Prospective members may also attend free to find out if Altair is right for them.
3. Join us for an activity. Many of our day hikes and biking events are open to the public. Be sure to talk directly with the trip leader to confirm that guests are welcome. You will need to sign a liability waiver for any Altair activity and may need to contribute to carpooling expenses. Check with the trip leader for details.


Any person who is 21 or over may apply for membership. Dues are $75 per year for membership.  The term of all memberships is Nov.1 to Oct. 31 of the following year.  You can join at any time of the year. If you join after March 1st dues are $50, and after July 1st dues are $25.

The best way to join is at the General Meeting. There you will get additional information and you membership card. You can, however join anytime by printing the Application for New Membership from this website (under “Altair Forms & Docs” on this page) and sending your completed form and check to the Altair address.


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